Your Specialist for gear machines
Which regions does EMUK supply with machine tools?
EMUK exports and imports machine tools worldwide. Our customers come from different regions of the world and we are proud to offer global solutions.
Does EMUK also offer used spare parts for machine tools?
Yes, we also offer a wide range of used spare parts for machine tools. These parts are quality-tested and can be a cost-effective option for maintaining your machines.
Are there any guarantees or services for the machines sold by EMUK?
Yes, we offer warranties and after-sales service for most of our machines. Our customers can rely on our support to ensure that their machines run smoothly.
How does EMUK differ from other machine tool dealers?
EMUK is characterized by over 45 years of experience, first-class quality and fair prices. Our reliability towards customers has made us a trustworthy partner.
Which payment methods does EMUK accept for the purchase of machine tools?
EMUK accepts various payment methods, including bank transfers, credit card payments and other common payment methods. Our sales advisors will be happy to discuss payment options and ensure that the purchasing process runs smoothly.